Aims of the Group

  • Exchange between developers (computer scientists, engineers and natural scientists) about image analysis, visualization and interaction techniques in image-based diagnostics and therapy, and about software tools related thereto.
  • Exchange between medical scientists and developers, especially in the field of computer-assisted therapy planning. For each group meeting at least one medical scientist from this field shall be invited and hold a talk.
  • Exchange of expert knowledge and learning materials related to lectures and courses in the field of medical visualization, VR in medicine and computer-assisted surgery.
  • Discussion between representatives from industry and research institutes, particularly about the relevance of certain developments and the possibility to write seminar papers and diploma theses in cooperation with the industry.
  • Exchange with related organizations, in particular with the CURAC (German Society for Computer- and Roboter-Assisted Surgery).
  • Development of a website offering a fast overview of participants, research results, lectures and courses.
  • Awarding of excellent contributions in the field of medical visualization (
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