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Here you will find information about our workshop meeting in 2018. It is organized by Prof. Timo Ropinski and Prof. Anja Hennemuth. Please note that the following information may be incomplete, but will be updated as soon as possible.


  • Date: Thursday, 12th April 2018
  • Place of event: Ulm, Germany
  • Location: Universität Ulm, James-Franck-Ring, 89081 Ulm
  • Room: Building O28, Room 1002
  • Duration: 10:00 - 16:30
  • Language: English

Link to local website (english, german)

Preliminary Programme

10:00-10:15 Welcome (Prof. Dr. Timo Ropinski)
10:15-10:55 Session 1: Molecular Visualization
10:15-10:35Dr. Pedro Hermosilla (Visual Computing Group, Ulm University):
“Creating High Quality Real-Time Visualizations of Molecular Structures on the GPU”
(15 min talk, 5 min discussion)
10:35-10:55Dr. Michael Krone (VISUS, University of Stuttgart):
“Visual Analysis for Structural Biology”
(15 min talk, 5 min discussion)
10:55-11:35 Session 2: Acquisition & Reconstruction
10:55-11:15Prof. Dr Volker Rasche (Department of Internal Medicine II, Ulm Medical Center):
“A Self-Gating Method for Time-Resolved Imaging of Nonuniform Motion”
(15 min talk, 5 min discussion)
11:15-11:35Philipp Henzler (Institute of Measurement, Control and Microtechnology, Ulm University):
“Single-Image Tomography”
(15 min talk, 5 min discussion)
11:35-12:35 Session 3: Medical Visualization
11:35-11:55Juliane Müller (Digital Patient and Process Model Group, ICCAS Leipzig):
“Decision Support for Cancer Treatment and Aftercare”
(15 min talk, 5 min discussion)
11:55-12:15Julian Kreiser (Visual Computing Group, Ulm University):
“Embedding Decision Graphs for High-Resolution Manometry Diagnosis”
(15 min talk, 5 min discussion)
12:15-12:35Ben Behrendt (Visualization Group, University of Magdeburg):
“Visual Exploration of Cerebral and Cardiac Bloodflow Data”
(15 min talk, 5 min discussion)
12:35-13:45 — Lunch break —
13:45-14:40 Session 3: MedVis Award (Sponsored by Brainlab)
13:45-13:50Prof. Dr. Timo Ropinski (Visual Computing Group, Ulm University):
Award Ceremony
(5 min)
13:50-14:05Patrick Saalfeld (Visualization Group, University of Magdeburg):
Sketching and Annotating Vascular Structures for Medical Education and Treatment Planning
(MedVis Honorable Mention Presentation)

(10 min talk, 5 min discussion)
14:05-14:20Lennart Tautz (Fraunhofer MEVIS):
An Image-Based Method for Decision Support in Diagnosis and Therapy of Heart Insufficiency
(MedVis Honorable Mention Presentation)

(10 min talk, 5 min discussion)
14:20-14:40Markus Rempfler (Computer Aided Medical Procedures & Augmented Reality, TU München):
Robust Cell Lineage Tracing and its Application to Lens-Free Microscopy Videos
(MedVis Award Winning Presentation)

(15 min talk, 5 min discussion)
14:40-15:10 Coffee Break
15:10-15:50 Session 4: Virtual Reality Meets Medicine
15:10-15:30Dr. Tom Vierjahn (Virtual Reality & Immersive Visualization, RWTH Aachen):
“Visualization for Real and Simulated Brain Data“
(15 min talk, 5 min discussion)
15:30-15:50Dr. Alexander Hann (Department of Internal Medicine I, Ulm Medical Center):
“Application of Virtual Reality in Gastroenterology”
(15 min talk, 5 min discussion)
15:50-16:30 Session 5: Image Analysis
15:50-16:10Kavitha Shaga Devan (Central Facility of Electronmicroscopy, Ulm University):
“HCMV Particles Detection using Transfer Learning in Electron Microscopy Images”
(15 min talk, 5 min discussion)
16:10-16:30Alex Bäuerle (Visual Computing Group, Ulm University):
“Automatic Fibril-Crossover Detection in EM-Images using Deep Convolutional Networks”
(15 min talk, 5 min discussion)
16:30-16:40 Closing (Prof. Dr. Timo Ropinski)


Traveling to Ulm University (english, german)


We suggest to book a hotel in the city center. Hotels with special rates for Land Baden-Württemberg (please ask for our support)

  • City Partner Hotel 'Goldenes Rad' (82,-)
  • ibis Ulm City (73,-)

Other Hotels

  • Comfor Hotel
  • Hotel Schiefes Haus
  • Lehrertal Garni (not city center)

Bus transfer from city center: Use Line 3 to 'Universität Süd' (You can find the Bus schedule here:

Parking Lot: Please use the parking lot 'Parkhaus Helmholtzstraße'

Pre Workshop Gathering

Wednesday, 11th April 2018, 19:30h

ratskeller, Marktplatz 1, 89073 Ulm

Phone: 07 31 - 8 80 17 40

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