Karl-Heinz Höhne Award 2023

Congratulations to Mr Eulzer
Congratulations to Ms Allgaier
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  • DATE

    7-8 September 2023


    Brainlab AG

About the Event

We have awarded junior scientists whose work has contributed to advance research in medical diagnosis, planning, and intervention based on imaging techniques. The jury of academic experts was spoilt by the high quality submissions.

Award Winners

Visualisation by P. Eulzer

Pepe Eulzer
University of Jena

A Fully Integrated Pipeline for Visual Carotid Morphology Analysis


Visualizing Carotid Blood Flow Simulations for Stroke Prevention


Visualisation by M. Allgaier

Mareen Allgaier
University of Magdeburg

Virtual Reality Training with Haptics for Intraoperative Ultrasound

ISMAR Conference 2023

A comparison of input devices for precise interaction tasks in VR-based surgical planning and training


Visualisation by T. Eichner

Tanja Eichner
TU Wien

MuSIC: Multi-Sequential Interactive Co-Registration for Cancer Imaging Data based on Segmentation Masks


Interaktive Co-Registrierung für multimodale Krebs-Bilddaten basierend auf Segmentierungsmasken

Diplomarbeit, TU Wien

The jury 2023

  • Marc Baaden, Institut de Chimie (INC), CNRS, Paris
  • Stefan Bruckner, Institute for Visual and Analytic Computing, University of Rostock
  • Anja Hennemuth (Chair), Institute for Imaging Science and Computational Modelling in Cardiovascular Medicine, Charité
  • Ingrid Hotz, Scientific Visualization, Linköping University
  • Michael Krone, Big Data Visual Analytics in Life Sciences, Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen
  • Kai Lawonn, Visualization and Explorative Data Analysis Group, University of Jena
  • Bernhard Preim, Department of Simulation and Graphics, Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg
  • Guido Reina, Institute for Visualization and Interactive Systems, University of Stuttgart
  • Timo Ropinski (Chair), Visual Computing, Ulm University
  • Thomas Schultz, Visualization and Medical Image Analysis, University of Bonn


We thank the jury and all organisers for their thorough preparations.

We are also grateful to our sponsor, Brainlab AG, to endow all three winners with a sensible sum.

Finally, we thank all dilligent researchers for this year's contributions!

We are looking forward to the next competition in two years!