Since 2004, we award excellent contributions in the field of medical and biological visualization. The price is named after the internationally renown pioneer in medical visualization, Prof. em. Dr Karl-Heinz Höhne, formerly active at the Universitätsklinikum Hamburg Eppendorf. He has, in substance, developed and advanced the Voxel Man Project, one of the first interactive body visualizations.

Impression of MedVis Award 2021 © OTH Regensburg/Michael Hitzek


MedVis Award 2021

1st Price: Florian Heinrich
2nd Price: Laura A. Garrison
2nd Price: Antonios Somarakis

Impression of MedVis Award 2018


MedVis Award 2018

1st Price: Markus Rempfler
2nd Price: Lennart Tautz
2nd Price: Patrick Saalfeld

Impression of MedVis Award 2016

Eurographics VCBM, Bergen

MedVis Award 2016

1st Price: Paul Klemm
2nd Price: Monique Meuschke
2nd Price: Theodora Chitiboi
3nd Price: Moritz Ehlke

Impression of MedVis Award 2014

Eurographics VCBM, Vienna

MedVis Award 2014

1st Price: Köhler, Benjamin
2nd Price: Heckel, Frank
3rd Price: Hofstede, Cees-Willem

Impression of MedVis Award 2012

CURAC, Düsseldorf

MedVis Award 2012

1st Price: Gasteiger, Rocco
2nd Price: Born, Silvia
3rd Price: Gavaghan, Kate; Klebnikov, Rostislav

Impression of MedVis Award 2010

CURAC, Düsseldorf

MedVis Award 2010

1st Price: Dick, Christian
2nd Price: Rieder, Christian
3rd Price: Kainmüller, Dagmar; Mühler, Konrad

Impression of MedVis Award 2008

CURAC, Leipzig

MedVis Award 2008

1st Price: Oeltze, Steffen
2nd Price: Beyer, Johanna
3rd Price: Lamecker, Hans

Impression of MedVis Award 2006

CURAC, Hannover

MedVis Award 2006

1st Price: Bruckner, Stefan
2nd Price: Enders, Frank
3rd Price: Hlawitschka, Mario

Impression of MedVis Award 2004

CURAC, München

MedVis Award 2004

1st Price: Neubauer, André
2nd Price: Oeltze, Steffen
3rd Price: Zachow, Stefan