Biannual gathering of the work group.

MedVis Workshop 2009


    Fraunhofer MEVIS Bremen

  • DATE

    16th September 2009

  • Organizers

    FG Medvis


  • Kuhlen, Prof. Torsten (RWTH Aachen): Presentation of the Virtual Reality Group
  • Peterhans, Matthias (University of Bern): Navigated Liver Surgery in a Clinical Environment: Findings and Conclusions from 8 Navigated Interventions
  • Ritter, Felix (Fraunhofer MEVIS, Bremen): User Interfaces for Operating Room Interaction
  • Ropinski, Timo (University of Münster ): Processing and Visualization of Multimodal Vessel Data Sets
  • Roerdink, Prof. Jos (University of Groningen): Visualization and Analysis of Neuroimaging Data
  • Vilanova, Anna (University of Eindhoven): Hybrid HARDI/DTI Visualization
  • Köhn, Alexander (Fraunhofer MEVIS, Bremen): Real-time DTI-Fiber Tracking
  • Botha, Charl P. (University of Delft): Visualization for Molecular Imaging
  • Glaßer, Sylvia (University of Magdeburg): A Visual Analytics Approach to Diagnosis of Breast DCE-MRI Data
  • Baer, Alexandra (University of Magdeburg): Perception-based Evaluation of Emphasis Techniques Used in 3D Medical Neck Visualization


  • Ropinski, Timo (University of Münster): Volume Rendering Engine Voreen
  • Fraunhofer MEVIS: Clinical prototypes that support the treatment of liver, neuro, cadiac, and lung diseases
  • Fraunhofer MEVIS: The rapid-prototyping platform MeVisLab