Biannual gathering of the work group.

Second MedVis Workshop 2011


    University of Magdeburg

  • DATE

    14 September 2011

  • Organizers

    Bernhard Preim


The second meeting of the group in 2011 took place on 14 September at the University of Magdeburg.

Session 1, chaired by Anna Vilanova Bartroli

  • Gasteiger, Rocco, University of Magdeburg: Lens-Based Visualization and Exploration of Blood Flow in Cerebral Aneurysms
  • Petz, Christoph, Zuse Institute Berlin: Selected Methods for Analysis of Hemodynamics and Morphology of Cerebral Aneurysms
  • Stucht, Daniel, University of Magdeburg: 4D PC-MRI Flow Measuring in Cerebral Aneurysms
  • Angelelli, Paolo, University of Bergen: Straightening Tubular Flow for Side-by-Side Visualization

Session 2, chaired by Charl Botha

  • Vilanova Bartroli, Anna, University of Technology, Eindhoven: Automatic Atlas Based White Matter Bundle Labeling for Neonates
  • Oliveira, Thiago, University of Bern: Recent Visualization Approaches in Augmented Reality for Computer Assisted Liver Surgery
  • Kroes, Thomas, Delft University of Technology: Raytraced Lighting in Interactive Direct Volume Rendering

Session 3, chaired by Dorit Merhof

  • Merhof, Jun.-Prof. Dorit, University of Konstanz: Multivariate Data Analysis for Dementia Classification
  • Ghassemi Toosi, Farshad, Jacobs University, Bremen: [Visualization of Dynamic Processes on Biological Graphs
  • Sonntag, Simon, RWTH Aachen: Fully Coupled 3D Fluid-Structure-Interaction Simulations of a Total Artificial Heart

photo of the meeting 2011