Annual gathering of the work group.

MedVis Workshop 2018


    Ulm University

  • DATE

    12th April 2018

  • Organizers

    Timo Ropinski and Anja Hennemuth


Molecular Visualization

  • Pedro Hermosilla: Creating High Quality Real-Time Visualizations of Molecular Structures on the GPU
  • Michael Krone: Visual Analysis for Structural Biology

Acquisition and Reconstruction

  • Volker Rasche: A Self-Gating Method for Time-Resolved Imaging of Nonuniform Motion
  • Philipp Henzler: Single-Image Tomography

Medical Visualisation

  • Juliane Müller: Decision Support for Cancer Treatment and Aftercare
  • Julian Kreiser: Embedding Decision Graphs for High-Resolution Manometry Diagnosis
  • Ben Behrendt: Visual Exploration of Cerebral and Cardiac Bloodflow Data

Virtual Reality Meets Medicine

  • Tom Vierjahn: Visualization for Real and Simulated Brain Data
  • Alexander Hann: Application of Virtual Reality in Gastroenterology

Focus session: Image-based analysis of cardiac function

  • Sebastian Kelle: Image-based analysis and exploration of cardiac function ‐ clinical practice and trends
  • Markus Hüllebrand: Analysis of cardiac function with real-time MRI

Image Analysis

  • Kavitha Shaga Devan: HCMV Particles Detection using Transfer Learning in Electron Microscopy Images
  • Alex Bäuerle: Automatic Fibril-Crossover Detection in EM-Images using Deep Convolutional Networks


  • Ali Demiralp: Parallel Particle Advection and Ray Tracing on 3D-Polarized Light Imaging Data
  • Valentin Kraft: Surgery support by mixed reality scenarios using the HoloLens

Special Events

  • Pre workshop gathering:
    Ratskeller, Fischerviertel
  • Awarding of the MedVis-Award 2018

    Logo of MedVis Award - Karl-Heinz-Höhne-Preis