Annual gathering of the work group.

MedVis Workshop 2019


    TU Berlin

  • DATE

    22-23 July 2019

  • Organizers

    Anja Hennemuth and Timo Ropinski


Image Processing

  • Peter Hirsch: An Auxiliary Loss for Learning Nuclei Segmentation in 3D Microscopy Images
  • Tabea Kossen: Deep learning approaches for brain vessel segmentation
  • Lilli Kaufhold: Image-based analysis of fluid-structure interaction in carotid arteries
  • Negar Chabi: Stent detection and enhancement

Image-based modeling for therapy planning

  • Lars Walczak: Image-based modeling of valve motion with position-based dynamics
  • Felix Ambellan und Esfandiar Navayazdani: Statistical Analysis in Shape Spaces and Epidemiological Applications
  • Jan Brüning: Airflow simulation for ENT diagnosis and therapy planning
  • Katharina Vellguth: Blood flow simulation for cardiac valve therapy planning

Focus session: Minimal-invasive surgery @Charité

  • Simon Sündermann, Isaac Wamala, Jörg Kempfert: Overview on minimal-invasive cardiac valve surgery with case examples

Focus session: Image-based analysis of cardiac function

  • Sebastian Kelle: Image-based analysis and exploration of cardiac function ‐ clinical practice and trends
  • Markus Hüllebrand: Analysis of cardiac function with real-time MRI

Campfire session: From ideas to products

  • Philipp Barckow: The story of Circle CVI


  • Ali Demiralp: Parallel Particle Advection and Ray Tracing on 3D-Polarized Light Imaging Data
  • Valentin Kraft: Surgery support by mixed reality scenarios using the HoloLens
  • Timo Ropinski: Perception-based Biomedical Visualization


  • Pre workshop gathering: Schleusenkrug am Tiergarten
  • Visit of the hybrid OR at Charité Berlin
  • Workshop Gathering: Zollpackhof an der Spree